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Google has announced a new update to it’s ‘Test My Site‘ mobile optimization tool, which will now provide more in-depth data on your site’s load-time performance, and how you can improve it.

As explained by Google:

“One of the mobile era’s clearest lessons has been that the foundation for any great mobile experience is a fast mobile experience. How important is a fast mobile experience? According to SOASTA’s The State of Online Retail Performance, a one-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rate by up to 20%. That’s why in 2016 we created Test My Site, a tool for businesses to check the speed of individual mobile pages and get a few recommended fixes.”

Google Test My Site screenshot

The new version of the tool includes the following data additions:

  • Measures the speed of both your entire site and of individual pages
  • Provides insight on whether each site/page speed is faster or slower compared to the prior month
  • Provides an overall ranking of page speed (Fast, Average, or Slow)
  • Looks at how your site speed compares to others in your industry (you can enter in competitor pages for comparison)
  • Measurement of the potential impact of your site speed on revenue (with addition of specific performance info)
  • Provides a detailed list of recommended fixes to increase speed on up to 5 pages on your site
  • Provides a complete report which can be shared

Test My Site is a helpful tool to guide your mobile optimization efforts. It can’t provide you with all the answers, but it does give you some valuable insight as to how Google ranks your page, which is particularly relevant given Google will look to prioritize mobile optimized pages for relevant queries.

If you’re looking to improve your website performance it’s definitely worth checking out – the tool is free, and you can try out the new additions for yourself here.

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