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Facebook’s rolling out an updated version of its Ads Manager app, with a new presentation format and new features.

Facebook Ads Manager screen with new features highlighted

As explained by Facebook:

“Today, we’re beginning to roll out a new Ads Manager interface with more simplified navigation features, a cleaner design and a new campaign management experience. You’ll notice a new navigation bar, providing more space to manage ads and highlight tools that offer more insight into ad performance and reporting.”

Among the updated functions, Facebook’s adding:

  • A new copy and paste functionality in Campaign Creation, making it easier to create your ads
  • An auto-naming option for campaigns, ad sets and ad names
  • More intuitive ad-level creative and placement editing tools.

In addition to these, Facebook’s also adding a new ‘cost cap bidding’ optionfor campaigns, which is designed to improve efficiency and results.

Facebook cost-cap bidding overview

“We’ve heard from businesses that, in order to achieve certain campaign goals, it would be helpful to have a bid option that both controls cost and drives volume.”

The option will enable advertisers to set a maximum CPA, which will then let Facebook’s system to optimize for it, which may improve results.

And lastly, Facebook’s updating its Business Manager platform, with updated processes to make it easier for agencies to onboard new clients, and manage those accounts.

Facebook Business Manager

The changes are part of Facebook’s broader rollout of a new design system, which, Facebook says, “will bring greater craftsmanship, coherency and efficiency to the Facebook business tools you use every day”. Ads Manager is the first tool they’re transforming as part of this upgrade, and the changes outlined will have benefits for companies looking to make better use of the available ad tools.

The new Ads Manager updates are expected to be made available to all advertisers over the next few months.


By : Andrew Hutchinson

REF : social media today


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